Ethiopia – a rising star to watch

Many were surprised when Ethiopia was named “World’s Best Tourist Destination of 2015” by the European Council on Tourism & Trade, but not us!

The country has a fascinating culture, dramatic landscape and wealth of UNESCO World Heritage sites which more than justify the title. It was an obvious choice to include ‘Ethiopia & Sudan’ as one of our small group hosted tours.

Departing 6 October 2016, travellers will start in Sudan, exploring Khartoum with its wonderful Archaeological Museum, colourful souk and a Whirling Dervish Ceremony, quite a different scene to that in Turkey, as the dress is colourful and the dust flying! Karima is at the very heart of the Nubian religion, but the region is also home to the remains of a Coptic Christian temple, and the small villages in the dunes have a distinctly different language and customs to the rest of Sudan. On through the desert with its traditional nomadic communities, we head across the Nile to Meroe with its astounding array of over 40 pyramids.

Next stop Ethiopia, an ancient land with so much to offer the traveller. In Addis Ababa you can meet the 3.2 million year old fossilised remains of Lucy, then head for a cruise on Lake Tana, the source of the Blue Nile, to visit centuries old island monasteries, and the Blue Nile Falls. Lalibela is the most renowned place in Ethiopia, with its spectacular monolithic 12th century rock-hewn churches, known as the New Jerusalem. Fascinating religious history aside, a great experience here is to sample the local tej (honey wine), accompanied by traditional Ethiopian music.

Visitors will remember not just the historical treasures but the stunning national parks as well. The dramatic peaks and valleys of Simien National Park are home to rare wildlife such as the Ethiopian wolf, Gelada baboon, Simien fox and Walia ibex.

But what many visitors enjoy most is the utterly charming Ethiopian people who love welcoming visitors to their country and inviting you to experience a traditional coffee ceremony – if you get the chance, grab it!

Testing, awe-inspiring and moving – why not see for yourself why Ethiopia is quickly becoming a ‘hot’ destination.

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