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Lofoten Islands

I have a real soft spot for far flung places, either very far north or very far south, so the Lofoten Islands in Norway had always been high on my list of countries to visit. Sparsely populated, but rich in dramatic scenery, the roads of this wild and unique outpost twist and turn to reveal […]

From Henderson to Hoi An

My favourite little restaurant in West Auckland is virtually a hole in the wall but it produces the most delicious, fragrant, fresh, and divinely moreish Vietnamese food served by smiling, fresh cheeked staff with little English. My journey to Vietnam was therefore destined to be food driven as much as by my fascination with different […]

Sun, Sand & Wildlife

Costa Rica is one of the best countries I have visited, and an all-time favourite of mine! It truly has something for everyone, from vibrant cloud forests and national parks teeming with exotic wildlife, to beautiful coastal beaches and several active volcanoes that serve as the perfect base for adventure activities. Number one on my […]