Aspirational Journeys

Bucket list, travel Goals, whatever you wish to call it, we all have a list of travel experiences we dream of! In the midst of a global pandemic and lock-down, all we can do at the moment is dream. So sit back, relax and unwind with a cup of coffee (or a wine!) and take a look at our teams ultimate trip list for future travels and inspiration.


Greenland  | Caroline Clegg, Marketing Manager

Ilulissat, Greenland

Ever since I watched the movie ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ I’ve wanted to go to Greenland.  The scenes of wild rugged landscapes and vast skies along with the colourful wooden houses of remote villages, wow! It looks so remote and wild, but beautiful at the same time. It would be fascinating to learn about the traditional culture and maybe do a bit of sledding and Aurora watching.  I think I’d need to do something like a Quark Expeditions ‘Essential Greenland‘ cruise, to get right amongst the fjords and glaciers, and exploring Norse ruins.  Can’t wait!


Uyuni Salt Flats, Bolivia  | Elly Wealthall, Travel Designer

Salt Flats, Bolivia

I just love our ‘Atacama & the Uyuni Salt Flats’ journey through Chile and Bolivia.  I have travelled extensively in South America but honestly think this covers the most breath-taking places you can find! Combine vast salt pans with endless deserts, rugged mountains and spectacular crater lakes. These awe-inspiring landscapes are dotted with alpacas and very few other people. This is my idea of bucket list travel!


Odzala-Kokoua National Park, Republic of the Congo | Tony O’Callaghan, Travel Designer

Baby lowland gorilla, Congo

I would love to go to Odzala-Kokoua National Park, one of Africa’s oldest, to see the lowland gorillas – who wouldn’t want to see an animal with the scientific name ‘Gorilla gorilla gorilla’ – so good, they named it thrice!  Our ‘Odzala Experience’ journey searches out the wildlife – ranging from clouds of spectacular butterflies, to over 440 bird species, to lowland gorillas and great numbers of chimpanzees; the forest also home to ancient trees of over 50 metres in height.  Truly off-the-beaten track, but well worth it!


Mongolia | Zoe Clarke, Travel Designer

Eagle hunter, Mongolia

Mongolia for me is a fascinating remote land, largely untouched by modern life.  How the nomads live, moving with the seasons, tending their herds in tune with nature and with traditions reaching back centuries – what’s not to love? Our Mongolia’s Nomadic West itinerary covers it all, with ger stays, meeting traditional eagle hunters, and interacting with local families.  Ideally I’d time my visit in with the annual Naadam Festival which is totally unique.


The Canadian Arctic Davina Bennetto, Sales Executive

Our ‘Narwhal & Polar Bear Safari has always been one of my favourite itineraries due to its incredibly remote location way up in the High Arctic on Baffin Island.  It’s all about the wilderness of the Arctic along with incredible wildlife viewing – I mean, narwhal AND polar bears!!!  You stay in a yurt, right on the floe edge, complete with cosy beds, heating (of course!), gourmet meals, and blackout curtains to combat the 24-hour daylight.  What a great story to tell when you get home!