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Located along the West Africa coast, Gabon is a country with significant protected parkland, forest, and savannahs home to a diversity of wildlife including gorillas, hippos, turtles and whales.  A sense of adventure is required for travelling around Gabon with limited infrastructure and few sealed roads, however you will be rewarded with a unique and enriching experience!

The largest city and capital of Gabon has an attractive seafront area with Gabonese sculptures, some up to 20 feet tall!

Akanda National Park
Home to migrating birds and nesting turtles and is an easy day trip from Libreville. The park lies along the coast and encompasses over 500sqm of mangroves and stunning beaches backed by forest.

Lope National Park
Located in the centre of Gabon and the country’s first protected area, the park is mostly rainforest and home to forest elephants, low-land gorilla, chimpanzee, mandrill, forest buffalo and leopard. Bird lovers will not be disappointed here with the rosy bee-eater, crowned hawk eagle, Dja river warbler and the chocolate-backed kingfisher spotted in the park.

A colonial river town famous for its many natural lakes, which are best explored on a pirogue (dug-out canoe). The world-famous hospital established by Albert Schweitzer still stands next to the new one and is one of the best equipped hospitals in Africa.

Loango National Park
Located on the Atlantic coast of Gabon and best explored by boat and on foot. The landscape covers coastline, estuary, rainforest and savannahs which are home to a variety of wildlife including Gorillas.

Gabon is a year round destination with consistent hot and humid weather. The dry season is May to September with the wet season between February – April and October / November.

Gorillas and chimps are generally seen between October – March and turtles can be seen laying their eggs on beaches from November to March.

Humpback whale season is from July – September.

Central African Franc (CFA). Please note credit cards are not often accepted.

The official language is French with English also spoken.

Why we love it
We love Gabon for its natural paradise with 88% of natural forest and under 2 million people, it makes for a wildlife lovers dream!

Gabon has a hot, humid climate typical of tropical regions. The hottest month is January with cooler temperatures in July.

Social customs and quirks
Gabon people are very communal, and it is not uncommon for people to stare or be upfront – please do not be offended by this!

Festivals and events      
Like most West African nations, Gabon observes numerous religious celebrations and festivals throughout the year including Independence Day. Music and dance festivals are also held throughout the country each year.

Mask making and face painting are part of the culture in Gabon with the look of the masks varying between ethnic groups.

A  yellow fever certificate is required to enter Gabon.

Notes *Please be aware that Health information is subject to change at any time and you should always double check these requirements at the time of booking and before travel.

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