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Glaciers, Mountains and Wildlife is what comes to mind when people think of Alaska. It is this and more! Travel up the Inside Passage to Alaska on a large cruise ship, or on a smaller ship. If cruising isn’t for you, then you can fly into the larger cities of Anchorage and Fairbanks and travel by rail, motorcoach, private vehicle or plane. The Alaska Railroad is a great way to see the scenery and stops off at Denali National Park. You’ll see a variety of wildlife deep within the park and the stunning Mt McKinley towering above. Fly up to the Arctic Circle and visit the small communities of Barrow and Nome, follow the Alaska pipeline down country to Valdez, known as the ‘Switzerland of Alaska’. Travel by bush plane to the small settlement of McCarthy (population 50 people), located in Wrangell/St Elias National Park, walk on a glacier, see the bears of Brook Falls or go salmon fishing. Alaska appeals to all!

The Inside Passage
Explore Alaska’s inside passage on a small or large ship cruise and marvel as the mind blowing scenery as mountains rise higher and the fjords get deeper. Keep an eye out for bird and wildlife from the comfort of your ship.

Glacier Bay National Park
Enjoy the tranquility of Alaska’s true Jewel! Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve commands a glacier-crowned, maritime wilderness, encircling a magnificent saltwater bay with 16 tidewater glaciers and 30 alpine glaciers! A mountain-guarded, maritime sanctuary, Glacier Bay National Park is the coastal flank of the largest internationally protected area on earth.

Visit Seward, gateway to the magnificent Kenai Fjords National Park, for out-of-this-world views of pristine forests, mountains and lakes. Within the crystal green waters of the National Park, you can enjoy superb sea kayaking, birding and whale watching. Stay in some of the most remote and scenic lodges in Alaska offering luxury in the midst of a beautiful landscape.

Denali National Park
Venture into Denali National Park in search of moose, caribou, bear and Dall sheep, and perhaps catch a glimpse of Mt. Denali’s snowcapped majesty. Once in the park there are plenty of activities including guided tours, rafting, ATV and heli hiking.

Barrow – Top of the World!
Get a first hand glimpse of the lifestyle of Alaska’s Arctic Coastal people while walking the shores of the Arctic Ocean near the northernmost point in North America!

The summer season and when the cruises operate, are from mid May to mid September. Whenever and wherever you travel in “The Great Land,” clothing is always a primary consideration. Emphasis should be based on comfort because the dress code is informal and casual. A layered technique is extremely good here. Temperatures in Alaska during the summer range from 15°C-26°C. Night time and early mornings are cooler, from 4 – 10°C. Late August and September departures could encounter cooler temperatures and slightly fewer hours of sunlight, as autumn/fall arrives early at these latitudes. The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) can be seen from Fairbanks, and north of Fairbanks from September to April.

My memories of trips to Alaska are awash with colours, all distinctly beautiful and varying with the seasons. In the nearly endless daylight of summer’s midnight sun, everything seems to sparkle – from the impossibly bright blues of the glaciers to the gleaming white snow caps on the mountain peaks. I think of the Tongass, the old-growth temperate rainforest that covers most of Southeast Alaska. Shafts of hazy yellow light filter through the gaps between the lush cedar and Sitka spruce, illuminating the subtle shades of green on the forest floor carpeted with ferns, lichens and moss. Autumn comes early this far north, and the subarctic, low land tundra erupts into fiery shades of red, yellow and orange – often with a soft dusting of delicately white snow. The brief, dusky days of winter envelop the vast snowy wilderness in soft pastel shades of pink, blue and lavender. On crisp, clear nights, the darkness is interrupted by the magical Northern Lights. Above all, these are the colours that will remain etched in my mind forever. One night they were a soft green glow that gently waved on the horizon. On another, they were dynamic bands of light, coming to life as green, white and purple piano keys being played across the sky. No matter when you choose to go, you’ll find the seasonal colours of Alaska to be truly spellbinding!

Dorothy Chambers – Travel Designer

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Why we love it Wild, untamed, rugged and remote.  Alaska’s coastal fjords and inlets are ideal for exploring by cruise, its small towns are as ‘local’ as local can get, and its wilderness areas abound with grizzlies, moose, caribou and wolves – pretty exciting stuff! We highly recommend a cruise of the Inside Passage, getting up close to glaciers and icebergs, whale watching, spotting bears grazing on the shores, and stopping in at fascinating ports of call, some with a real Norwegian flavour. Alaska’s National Parks are fiercely protected and truly pristine. Our favourite is Denali National Park in Alaska’s Interior. Denali is the Athabascan name for Mt. McKinley, meaning “the high one.” The area offers activities including hiking, rock and ice climbing, photography, wildlife viewing, nature walks, horseback treks and river excursions. Private vehicles are not permitted within the National Park but the famous Alaska Railroad runs right along the edge of the Park through spectacular mountains, with the chance to take a tour into the Park in search of moose, caribou, bear and Dall sheep. If you can, it really is worth taking the time to head north into the Arctic Circle, one of the most unpopulated regions in the world where the rich culture of the Arctic Eskimo people is a real highlight. For the gourmands amongst us, Alaska means one thing – salmon, and lots of it! For a more visual feast, head to Fairbanks from late September through to early April and you’ll experience the most incredible spectacle of Aurora Borealis – the Northern Lights. Another iconic Alaskan event is the annual Iditarod Dog Sled Race when teams of up to 16 dogs and their musher race over 1150 miles in 10 to 17 days from Anchorage to Nome. Jagged mountain ranges, frozen rivers, dense forest, desolate tundra and below-zero temperatures create an extraordinary race only possible in Alaska.

Weather Temperatures in Alaska during the summer (June to August) range from 15 degrees C – 25 degrees C. Evenings and early mornings are cooler. Late August and September brings cooler temperatures and slightly fewer hours of sunlight, as autumn arrives early at these latitudes. Whatever the time of year, when packing your clothes think comfort because the dress code in Alaska is informal and casual.

Social customs & quirks Alaska – where the odds are good, but the goods are odd! Alaska is known for its abundance of single men. Gold miners, oil workers, hunters, trappers and fishermen move there in droves to live out the fantasy of a rugged, prosperous life on the frontier, a fantasy not often shared by women. On a more cultural note, Alaska’s unique Native culture can be experienced through many avenues including totem carving, Native dancing, the blanket toss, traditional music, crafts and festivals.

Festivals & events Summer brings many festivals and State Fairs including the Anchorage festival of music, Gold Rush Days in Juneau, and Spirits Day – a celebration of Alaska’s Native heritage, all held in June. The uniquely Alaskan Moose Dropping Festival takes place in Talkeetna in July – a raucous party which includes the Mountain Mother contest, a parade, the moose nugget (moose poop) toss game and a moose nugget dropping contest. And in winter its got to be the Iditarod Dog Sled Race which normally takes place in March.

Health* One word – mosquitoes! Take plenty of insect repellent. Other than that, take local advice on avoiding run-ins with bears, and dress for the somewhat unpredictable weather.

Notes *Please be aware that Health information is subject to change at any time and you should always double check these requirements at the time of booking and before travel.

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