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Bosnia and Herzegovina is a southeastern country in Europe famed for it’s cultural heritage, endless festivals and unique music scene. Bordered by Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia and the Adriatic Sea, its landscape is mostly comprised of mountain ranges with the Dinaric Alps to the west and a coastline on the southern end. The country’s name comes from the its two distinct regions, with Bosnia encompassing the north and Herzegovina the south. 

Kravice Waterfalls

Kravice Falls is a serene paradise cascading off the Trebižat River in south-western Bosnia and Herzegovina. Surrounded by lush greenery, the site has a cafe for visitors and is used for swimming, camping, and picnics.

Pink Houdini

Experience the rhythm of jazz and blues in Sarajevo’s 24-hour bar.

Stari Most – The Old Bridge 

Stari Most was first constructed in 1557 on the orders of Suleiman the Magnificent, the reining Sultan of the Ottoman Empire in the 16th century. Known as Mostar’s raison d’être, this “Old Bridge” was celebrated as a work of genius during the Ottoman period as it crossed the Neretva river in a single arch. 

Museum of the Assassination of Franz Ferdinand

Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the country’s largest city, was the focal point of world politics in 1914 when a teenage school-boy assassinated Archduke Ferdinand. A small museum dedicated to the history behind the assassination can be visited on the corner where the crime took place.

• The Golden Lily is a national symbol

• The country has three official languages – Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian

• Celebratory gunfire is used to celebrate weddings and births

• As part of their culture, hard liquor (Rakija) is often used to start the day 

• The 1984 Winter Olympics were hosted in Sarajevo 

• The Bosnian Convertible Mark can’t be exchanged outside the country

• There are around 200,000 land mines that still need to be cleared 

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