Seventh Heaven

There are only a few rules when you’re on safari

1. Don’t get out of the safari vehicle,
2. Don’t walk around the camp unattended at night,
3. Relax as much as humanly possible, and
4. Calories don’t count when you’re on holiday, so indulge at every opportunity (and boy, are there plenty of those).

Did you know that there are seven official mealtimes for guests on an andBeyond safari? That’s right! Welcome to the world of luxury safaris, where adventurous safari enthusiasts can indulge in the sheer luxury of irresistible, wholesome food (and LOTS of it!).

Don’t believe us? Here goes…

1. Freshly-baked biscuits and fruit (and much-needed coffee and espresso) are served just before sunrise to help wake everyone up.


2. Towards the middle of the morning game drive, as tummies start to rumble, the ranger will stop at a scenic location where guests can stretch their legs, recharge with some Amarula coffee and snack on wholesome muffins or heavenly crunchies (click here for their no-longer-top-secret crunchie recipe).


3. A plentiful breakfast buffet, complete with a hearty, made-to-order hot breakfast, awaits guests back at the lodge (or in the bush, if you’re lucky).

bush-breakfast-1024x1024   lodge-breakfast-1024x1024

4. Many guests hint that they’ll be skipping lunch, but when they see the mouthwatering salads, warm quiches, fresh vegetables and selection of meats on offer, their good intention almost always falls by the wayside. And if it’s past noon, lunch always tastes better with a chilled glass of crisp sauvignon blanc.

lunch-salad-1024x1024  lunch-tacos-1024x1024

5. After an afternoon swim and an indulgent siesta, guests return for high tea, where a selection of cakes (and savory snacks for those who might have missed lunch) are served alongside fresh juice, or iced tea/coffee.

high-tea-ngala-1024x1024  high-tea-homestead-1024x1024

6. Sitting on game drive is hard work (!), which is why we’ll always stop for a celebratory sundowner stop to toast the sunset as it dips over the horizon. And of course, no sundowner stop is complete without something to snack on, from dried fruit and biltong (dried, cured meat) to crisps and roasted nuts.


7. And finally, the pièce de résistance … dinner is served. Perhaps a candlelit dinner served out in the bush, or an alfresco poolside meal under the stars, or even a romantic dinner in the privacy of the suite, dinners at &Beyond are always memorable.

dinner-1024x1024   dinind-wine-1024x1024

dessert-1024x1024   high-tea-homestead-1024x1024

Alas, there you have the seven not-so-deadly sins of an &Beyond safari and the birthplace of the widely-accepted term “lodge podge”. Just remember, life is short and holidays are meant to be enjoyed. So tuck in, have seconds and try everything. We won’t tell if you don’t. At &Beyond, diet is a four-letter word and our chefs’ hearts are happy when our guests’ tummies are full. And if you fancy a particular recipe to take home, just ask! Bon appétit.

Thanks to andbeyond for this blog and stunning pictures!