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The last frontier… the great white continent, Antarctica! For those who have a yearning to tick this incredible destination off their bucket list, World Journeys offers the best of exploration in style options. Quite simply, there is no other place on earth that you can interact with this extraordinary wildlife and boundless scenery.

Itineraries start from Ushuaia crossing the infamous Drake Passage, alternatively a fly cruise option from Punta Arenas is ideal for those wishing to maximize their time in Antarctica.

Whalers Bay (Deception Island)
Located in the South Shetland islands, once a bustling seal and whaling station, Deception Island is one of the safest harbours in Antarctica, it’s been a place of science and military interests from Britain, Chile, and Argentina, but was deserted when volcanic activity destroyed British Base B in 1969.  Now a popular Antarctic tourism destination and a scientific outpost for summer research teams from Spain and Argentina.

Port Lockroy
Previously a military base for the British during World War II, cruises now travel to Port Lockroy to give travellers the opportunity to see and explore remote islands and harbors in the frozen continent.

Lemaire Channel
This is the gateway to the far south Antarctic Peninsula spanning between Booth Island and the Peninsula itself. The channel is 11 kilometers long  and 150 meters deep and 700 meters wide at the narrowest. One of the many highlights and an incredible sight!

Paradise Bay
One of the most spectacular sights in Antarctica with incredible glaciers, giant icebergs – perfect if you love frozen landscapes! A fantastic place to explore on a zodiac not to mention the abundance of wildlife!

Petermann Island
The only place you will see Adelie penguins, the island is also home to to Gentoo penguins, blue eyed shags, leopard seals and humpback whales.

Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)
A sub-Antarctic archipelago perhaps more well known for its war back in 1982 are a popular stopover for travellers on their way to Antarctica. Along with a dramatic history the scenery here is incredible, not to mention the penguin and bird species.

South Georgia
Known for its diverse wildlife including fur and elephant seals, there is also a huge king penguin colony. The island an ideal stop for those interested in polar history as this is where Sir Ernest Shackleton first crossed the island in search of aid for his Antarctic expedition.

The season for Antarctic voyages is short – from November through early March. Visitors are limited to those travelling mainly by ship and therefore it is important to book as early as possible to ensure a booking on your chosen voyage.

October – December (early season)
This is early in the season and there will be ice…lots of ice and the ice-bergs will be huge! The temperatures will be cool however the landscapes pristine, snowy and beautiful. During this time you will see penguins laying their eggs and elephant seals breeding.

December – February (mid season)
Warmer weather and longer days makes this the most popular time to visit Antarctica. You will see cute and fluffy penguin chicks hatching, and it is also a good time to start spotting whales and seals.

Mid February – March (late season)
As the polar ice has melted this is an ideal time for further exploration and also a great time to see plenty of whales as they return to the region to feed.

Truly the last great frontier, Antarctica never fails to impress. The two day crossing of the Drake Passage from the bottom of South America is a wonderful experience, as you wait in anticipation of seeing your first iceberg. For those who are not good sailors or are limited in time, it is possible to fly directly into Antarctica to join your very comfortable expedition vessel. The next few days will be filled with breath-taking scenery, incredible wildlife, visits to historic whaling stations and possibly modern scientific research stations, along with daily lectures from the experts on board concerning all aspects of this great white continent.

Broadly speaking if you travel earlier in the season between November and January, you will see masses of young birdlife, especially those fluffy balls of down that are the penguin chicks. In February and March you will thrill at the huge number of whales, many with calves, that have returned from the tropics to the rich feeding grounds in Antarctic. For the complete experience, why not also include an itinerary that visits South Georgia and the Falkland Islands.

The wildlife found there is unbelievably prolific and quite unlike anywhere else on earth. Feel free to chat to the experts at World Journeys who can advise you on the ideal itinerary to suit your interests and budget.

Chris Lyons, Director


Currency At souvenir shops,  US dollars are preferred.  The Antarctican dollar does exist, but it is a collector’s item issued by the Antarctic Overseas Exchange Office and not legal tender.

Language With no permanent residents, Antarctica does not have a native language of its own. Instead, English is the usual common form of communication between the various nationalities that work here, with staff at each research base communicating in their native tongue, be it Russia, Norwegian or English.

Why we love it This is the ‘great white’ continent and one that most seasoned travellers would dearly like to tick off the bucket list! A land so immense that as tourists we can only touch the surface, but in return we see wildlife and marine life totally wild and untouched for millenium. It is not uncommon to walk onto the ice and be surrounded by a huge rookery of Chinstrap penguins who don’t fancy or care what you are doing there! See sheets of ice calving off giant ice walls in front of your eyes and the myriad colours of blue of the sky, ice and water will keep your camera clicking for hours just for that perfect shot. During the summer months the light is amazing and is in daylight almost 24 hours.

When to go The season for Antarctic voyages is short – from November through early March. Visitors are limited to those travelling mainly by ship and therefore it is important to book as early as possible to ensure a booking on your chosen voyage.

Weather The weather in Antarctica is extreme, and therefore is only suitable for cruising during the summer months, November to February. 98% of Antarctica is covered in ice. Temperatures in the Antarctic Peninsula rate from a maximum of 10 degrees celcius and a minimum of -5. Conditions are unpredictable, and windchill factors can mean it feels a lot colder than this. Proper wet weather gear and boots are essential for any visit to the continent.

Health* The only health recommendation for a visit to Antarctica is that you are fit and able-bodied if you wish to get into and out of the Zodiac boats. There are some wet landings where you must wade in ankle deep water to get onto land. Hence the requirement for special boots!

Notes *Please be aware that Health information is subject to change at any time and you should always double check these requirements at the time of booking and before travel.

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