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A gem in West Africa, Senegal is home to seven incredible World Heritage sites and is also a bird watcher’s paradise! Now known as a safe place to visit, Senegal’s friendly locals welcome travellers from all over the world. Many people are often surprised at its beauty, from colourful streets to pretty islands dotted with sandy beaches, to the rich wildlife and fascinating history, there is plenty to see and do.

Suited to travellers looking for a culture fix, Senegal is home to a great range of museums, galleries and festivals.  Be sure to catch the spectacular array of colours as the sun sets over the most westerly point in Africa!

Senegal’s capital is the western most city in Africa and a great place to watch sunsets! It is worth spending a few days here to explore the local markets and quiet islands. A short ferry ride away is Ngor Island, home to beautiful beaches and a great place to tuck into fresh seafood. Dakar is home to Africa’s tallest statue, the African Renaissance Monument standing at 49 meters high (taller than the Statue of Liberty) – a walk up here on a clear day will reward you with incredible views across the Cap-Vert Peninsula.

Sine-Saloum Delta
A UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and a birdwatcher’s paradise, where the delta is a mix of river, sea and land. Home to aquatic animals such as marine turtles, dolphins, West African manatees and crocodiles, the reserve is made up of rivers, mangrove forests and islands. Delta towns dot the shoreline and the islands are home to local communities.  This is a must for nature and wildlife lovers!

Saint Louis
This port on the northwest coast of Senegal retains a charming old look and feel. Pretty, narrow streets with colourful houses and colonial architecture make this town best explored by foot or by horse-drawn carriage.

Goree Island
While known for its slave trade history, Goree is now a small and charming island located off the coast of Dakar. Home to colourful houses on quiet cobbled streets it is a lovely place to wander car-free streets.

Lake Retba (The Pink Lake)
Located a short distance from Dakar, this vivid pink lake is sure to catch your eye! The salt content here is very high and much like the Dead Sea this means you can float quite easily.

The ideal time to visit Senegal is during the dry season from December to April, but do expect hot dry winds!

Currency  West African Franc (CFA)

Language  The official language is French, however there are several indigenous languages are also spoken.

Why we love it While one of the lesser explored parts of Africa, we love it for the wildlife and stunning landscapes which mainly consist of the sandy plains of the western Sahel. Senegal is a great place to plunge into the true culture of West Africa!

Weather Senegal’s climate is hot and humid with the tropical humid rainy season occurring between May and November with rainfall higher in the southern part of the country. Expect higher temperatures and drier weather in the north.

Social customs and quirks Every Sunday you can expect to see shepherds bringing their flocks of sheep to the beaches of Dakar as part of a cleansing ritual, where the sheep are washed and manicured! If you are catching a taxi, don’t be surprised to find a goat’s tail attached to the back of the car – they believe it is good luck!

Festivals and events There are many music festivals which demonstrate Senegal’s music and arts scene, often taking place in local villages during the harvest period.  Traditions are kept alive with dancing masks – considered an expression of the spirits. One of Senegal’s most famous festivals is the Saint-Louis Jazz Festival held every May, attracting jazz musicians from all over the world.

Health There are no compulsory health requirements on entering Senegal.

Notes *Please be aware that Health information is subject to change at any time and you should always double check these requirements at the time of booking and before travel.

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