Culinary Journeys

Foodie? Eat and drink your way around the world, exploring a vast range of cultures, gastronomic delights and incredible sights with these culinary destinations! Our top picks? Vietnam, Peru, Italy, Spain, Israel and Quebec City.


The streets of Israel are bustling with an abundance of flavours from a rich web of cultures. Indulge in everything from traditional Middle Eastern foods such as flatbreads and kebabs, to classic Mediterranean favourites (hummus!), or the tastes of Jewish North Africa. Travel from the markets of Tel Aviv to the Old City of Jerusalem, taking the opportunity to sample all of Israel’s tasty treats and enjoy traditional food from biblical times, prepared by renowned chefs.


Italy is the land of ‘la dolce vita’ – the good life! Creamy pasta dishes, endless vineyards and pizzas drizzled in a range of delicious toppings await you. For an authentic Italian experience, head out to the picturesque coastal villages of the Cinque Terre. The Ligurian region boasts some of Italy’s most sumptuous tastes, including decadent wines, freshly baked sardenara focaccia bread, locally made cheeses, and testaroli – the world’s oldest pasta dish.


Tortilla omelettes, cured meats, classic tapas and crisp golden churros are the pillars of a gastronomic venture in Spain. Perhaps one of the best ways to explore the country’s refined local flavours is aboard a luxury rail journey aboard the Al Andalus in southern Spain. Each day offers a new culinary experience, with fine dining served both onboard and in world-class restaurants along the way.

Quebec City

The cobble-stone streets of Quebec City are dotted with quaint bistro’s, lively markets and gourmet restaurants. Unlike any other North American province, the area is wrapped in a wealth of French culture with French-speaking residents. On a guided culinary tour of the city, you’ll find all sorts of goodies, from classic French crepes to Canadian favourites such as Poutine and maple syrup sweet treats.


If you’re looking for great food, Peru takes the cake! Voted Best Culinary Destination at the international gala of the 25th edition of the World Travel Awards for a second year in a row, this country serves a delicate blend of spices and bold flavours grown from a rich culinary heritage. From traditional dishes dating back to the Inca empire and an array of delicious street food, to over 3,000 types of potatoes – you will be spoiled for choice!


Vietnamese cuisine is fresh, fragrant and feisty. Few realize the delicious regional variations that are found in the south, central, and northern styles. On a culinary tour of the country, enjoy exclusive cooking classes, market tours and meals from renowned restaurants. Think noodle soups, rich broths, fresh salads and a lot of rice!