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The Czech Republic is a modern and dynamic destination with unique natural beauty and a rich history. Enjoy the European countryside’s, castles, charming towns and incredible landscapes the Czech Republic has to offer. Visit Prague, and see the Old Town Hall, the winding lanes of the Jewish Quarter and the Prague Castle or perhaps go to East Bohemia and explore mysterious rock cities and table mountains. From taking a boat trip through the gorges of the Kamenice River in North Bohemia to visiting UNESCO monuments in Moravia and Silesia, Czech Republic will amaze you and more.

• Prague
• Central Bohemia
• East Bohemia
• West Bohemia
• South Bohemia
• North Bohemia
• Moravia and Silesia

While all times of the year are beautiful, we recommend going in late spring or early fall to experience the nice weather but lesser crowds. May can be very popular as the Prague Spring Festivals takes place so if you are looking to go in May, make sure to book early! In December you can experience the magical Christmas markets on a winter getaway.

Looking out over Prague at the castle-tops, towers tipped with gold and hundreds of spindly spires – it feels like looking out over a storybook setting. I found it amazing that I could enjoy time in a modern bar or café, and then step out onto a cobblestoned, winding street and feel the contrast of the modern and the ancient all in just a few moments. I had such a wonderful time coming across the little treasures that Prague had around every corner. While crossing the Charles Bridge I found it just as delightful to look at the baroque statues and old fashioned street lamps as I did peeking at the art vendor’s fare, listening to the musicians and watching the street performers entertain. My number one highlight was visiting the John Lennon Wall, a symbol these days for Love and Peace, there were some nearby buskers playing one of my many favourite Beatles songs which perfected the experience.


Currency Koruna (CZK)

Language Czech

Why we love it We love the European countryside’s, castles, charming towns and incredible landscapes the Czech Republic has to offer.

Weather Similar to other countries in Central Europe, Czech Republic has 4 seasons. Spring is usually cooler, the temperature from early March to late May ranges around 10°C on average. In the summer months (June, July, August) the average temperature really varies depending on where you are! In the mountainous areas the average is 17°C however in the towns it may reach as high as 35°C. Autumn average temperatures are 10°C and can bring some rain. Winter between December to February can be very romantic but temperatures in the towns can drop as low as -20°C and in the mountains expect it to be even colder.

Festivals & events Czech Republic has a rich culture and is busy year-round with festivals and events. Some of the highlights are the Festival of Freedom in Pilsen, celebrating one of the biggest Czech towns freed by the U.S army in 1945 and the Prague Spring Music Festival which is arguably the most famous classical music festival in the Czech Republic.

Health* Currently there are no compulsory health requirements for Czech Republic.

Notes *Please be aware that Health information is subject to change at any time and you should always double check these requirements at the time of booking and before travel.

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