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Albania lies on the rugged coastlines of the Adriatic and Ionian Sea, boasting dreamy white-sand beaches, centuries old castles, ancient history, and towering mountain ranges. Remaining largely unseen for most of the 20th century, the country has since opened its doors to the outside world with the end of communist rule in the early 1990’s. Albania is dotted with charming Ottoman towns and a rich tapestry of Roman ruins.

Albania’s capital is small city home to a handful of museums, monuments, parks and historic buildings. It is worth taking the time to see the concrete housing estates which have been painted in rainbow colours, lighting up what was once a bleak area.

Known as the 2400 year old museum city Berat is a UNESCO protected site located just over 100km from Tirana. This tiny castle city is a fabulous place to explore Albanian history and culture.

The Blue Eye
The clear blue waters of this natural jewel is a highlight for many travellers located near the village of Muzine in southern Albania. The clear waters which are surrounded by oak and sycamore trees can be seen from a depth of more than fifty metres,

Koman Lake
Spectacular scenery surrounds this stunning lake located in northern Albania. Dense forested hills and narrow valley encompass the turquoise waters making it a picture postcard destination. There are a wide range of activities including boat tours and places to stay.

Valbona Valley National Park
Located inside the Albanian Alps bordering Montenegro, it is considered one of the most beautiful parks in Albania. High mountain peaks, pretty valleys, glacial springs and interesting rock formations it’s pristine ecosystem has been well preserved.


The best times to visit Albania are April to June and September to October. The months of July and August can get very hot.

Currency Albanian Lek

Language Albanian

Weather Albania has a Mediterranean climate which can vary by region. Overall the country enjoys many days of sunshine with the coastal areas enjoying hot dry summers. Winters on the coast can be wet and mild where the alpine areas are cold and snowy.

Social customs & quirks Albanians are friendly towards travellers and have a very hospitable  culture. It is not uncommon to be invited for coffee or food by one of the friendly locals.

Festivals & events The Korca Beer Festival takes place every August and a must do for beer lovers where you can sample locally produced and international beers. If you are visiting Albania in March there Dita e Veres is a celebration around the country marks the change from winter to spring where you can enjoy traditional food, dancing and celebrations.

Health* Currently no compulsory health requirements to visit Chile.

Notes *Please be aware that Health information is subject to change at any time and you should always double check these requirements at the time of booking and before travel.

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