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The legendary Silk Road encompasses several routes ranging across countries from China in the East through Central Asia to Turkey and beyond into the Mediterranean.  From fine silks to porcelain, precious stones, tea, aromatic spices and more, these routes were not only conduits for desirable goods, they also spread emerging technology and inventions.  This history, the people and the cuisine along these routes makes for an incredible journey.

The Flaming Mountains, China
Stretching over 100km long and 10km wide, the mountains are so named because, under the relentless heat of the midday sun, they radiate a fierce heat and appear to be on fire.

The Terracotta Warriors of Xi’an, China
Six thousand intricately carved, life size clay statues of terracotta warriors and their horses stand in battle formation, and have been protecting the mausoleum of Emperor Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor in Chinese history, for over 2,200 years.

Bukhara, Uzbekistan
This living medieval city is packed full of ancient architecture and bustles with life and atmosphere.

Dunhuang, China
Once an oasis town and stop-off for weary travellers, Dunhuang’s magnificent Mogao cave temples are a fascinating remnant of days bone by.

Kashgar, China
The amazing Sunday Market here is not to be missed – chaotic, exotic, and never a dull moment, it draws people from near and far.

Samarkand, Uzbekistan
This grand city features exquisite Islamic architecture on a majestic scale, along side Soviet-style avenues and green spaces.

Urumqi, China
The most remote city from any sea in the world, Urumqi is home to some excellent museums and a huge and fascinating bazaar.

Darvaza Gas Crater, Turkmenistan
In the middle of the Karakum Desert, the Darvaza gas crater was inadvertently created more than 40 years ago when the ground under a drilling rig gave way.  Scientists are said to have set it on fire to burn off noxious gases, and it still burns today.  A surreal spectacle.

As we are talking about a vast range of countries and climates, there is no one great time to go.  Generally speaking we’d say April through to October, but we’re happy to advise on any specific itinerary you choose.

“Chaotic, colourful, noisy, eclectic, welcoming and unusual – the superlatives could go on forever, but I’d rather show you around Lebanon, and particularly Beirut, myself. Where else can you lean against a wall dotted with bullet holes left over from 15 years of civil war while you queue for lemon sorbet made by the same family for decades? Or hunt for treasure in the antique stores of Basta, try the best ever falafel at M. Sahyoun, wander the delightful Nicolas Ibrahim Sursock Museum of modern and contemporary art or see outstanding examples of iconic street art by well-known Lebanese artists in trendy neighbourhoods bursting with cool restaurants and cafes.

A little further afield (and it is only a little, most places can be reached within three hours drive from Beirut), there are the colossal structures of Baalbek, built over a period of more than two centuries, and a model of Imperial Roman architecture. Dedicated essentially to Jupiter, Venus and Mercury, my personal favourite is the Temple of Bacchus, not least because he was the god of wine, but the temple itself is beautifully decorated and extremely well preserved.  Add to this the Phoenician cities of Tyre, Byblos and Sidon, even the most fanatic history fans have no option but to be content.

That sorbet though, it’s definitely worth queuing for!”

Kate Couling, Director

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