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Imagine a slow meandering journey past castles, quaint riverside villages and across Loch Ness on an elegant hotel barge. Or perhaps a rail journey aboard Belmond Royal Scotsman through the heart of the Scottish Highlands past landscapes of towering, pine-clad mountains reflected in mirror-still lochs. Enquire about United Kingdom holidays today!


Here are just some of our highlights of the UK.

• Enjoy some of the finest inland cruising scenery in the world
• Visit the Scottish highlands
• See Highclere Castle by luxury barge
• Visit Hampton Court Palace
• York Minster – largest medieval cathedral in all of Northern Europe and one of the world’s most beautiful Gothic buildings.
• Westminster Abbey – A church in the west end.
• Windsor Castle -The world’s largest and oldest continuously occupied fortress
• Edinburgh Castle – a castle which has played a pivotal role in Scottish history,
• Christ Church – The largest of all of Oxford’s colleges,
• Tower of London – The unmissable Tower of London (actually a castle of 22 towers) offers a window into a gruesome and compelling history.
• Tate Modern – One of London’s most amazing attractions, this outstanding modern- and contemporary-art gallery
• The Four UNESCO Castles – Harlech more dramatically positioned, Caernarfon is more complete,  and Beaumaris more technically perfect, yet out of the four castles that comprise the Unesco World Heritage Site, Conwy is the prettiest! Exploring the castle’s nooks and crannies makes for a superb, living-history visit, but best of all, head to the battlements for panoramic views and an overview of Conwy’s majestic complexity.
• Kew Gardens
• National Museum in Cardiff
•  Trinity College in Cambridge

The United Kingdom can be visited all year round but the most popular months are April – October.

Currency Pound sterling

Language English

Why we love it The United Kingdom has so much variety! Landscapes that range from the sand dunes of South Wales to the snowfields of the Cairngorms, from the lush, quilted farmland of Kent to the naked limestone scarps of the Yorkshire Dales.  We also love journeying through history, with over 2,000 years of history to be immersed in.


The United Kingdom can be visited all year round but most the most popular months are April – October. The weather in the UK is very changeable over both short distances and periods of time and conditions are often windy and wet. British rain is world renowned, but it rarely rains more than two or three hours at a time and often parts of the country stay dry for many weeks at a time, especially in the East. More common are overcast or partly cloudy skies.  In summer temperatures can reach 30ºC in parts and in winter temperatures may be mild, eg: 10ºC in southern Britain and -2ºC in Scotland.

Because the UK stretches almost 800 miles from end to end, temperatures can vary quite considerably between north and south. Differences in rainfall are also pronounced between the drier east and wetter west. Scotland and north-western England (particularly the Lake District) are often rainy and cold. Alpine conditions with heavy snowfall are common in the mountains of northern Scotland during the winter. The north-east and Midlands are also cool, though with less rainfall. The south-east and east Anglia are generally warm and dry, and the south-west warm but often wet. Wales and Northern Ireland tend to experience cool to mild temperatures and moderate rainfall, while the hills of Wales occasionally experience heavy snowfall.

Social customs and quirks  Sports are a major part of British culture, with football and cricket the national games. The four nations which make up Britain each have their own distinctive cultures, folk tales, legends and a strong sense of nationalism and identity towards their own definitive heritage.

Festivals and events The trendy south coast resort town of Brighton holds its annual arts festival every May, with parades, fireworks, street performances, theater, music, literature, and the visual arts on display. The innovative Artists’ Open House sees craftsmen open their homes to visitors for the viewing and purchase of their work.

For a lively event in the UK, head to Belfast for St Patrick’s Day on March 14 with plenty of green clothes, giant parades and hitting the pubs in search of Ireland’s traditional black stout, Guinness. Northern Irish bands perform while community groups gather for traditional dress, floats and fireworks.

Health* There are no compulsory health requirements for a visit to the United Kingdom.


Notes *Please be aware that Health information is subject to change at any time and you should always double check these requirements at the time of booking and before travel.

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