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Patagonia is extremely rich in flora and fauna, encompassing most of the bottom third of the South American continent. For wildlife lovers, one of the best ways to visit this region is on a leisurely cruise through fiords between Punta Arenas in Chile and Ushuaia in Argentina. An enormous range of marine birdlife is one of the best features of cruising, but whales, dolphins, several species of penguin, sea lions and a wide selection of land birds also make it ideal for those keen on viewing sub-Antarctic wildlife. For those looking for a spark of adventure, a luxury retreat located deep in the heart of Chilean Patagonia offers treks, glacier visits, scenic tours or visits to nearby estancias (farms). Patagonia also acts as a gateway for Antarctic expeditions – so you get the best of both worlds!

Torres del Paine National Park
Torres del Paine boasts a rugged and breath-taking landscape with electric-blue icebergs, towering mountain peaks, turquoise waters and diverse plant and wildlife species. Travellers can embark on scenic tours, treks, and glacier visits during a stay here.

Australis Cruising in Patagonia
This scenic maritime route cruises through the fjords of Tierra del Fuego and highlights the splendour and beauty of Patagonia and some of its most important historical sites. These cruises complement land based Patagonian tours perfectly as they take you to remote and beautiful destinations only reachable by sea! And that’s not to mention the incredible array of wildlife spotted along the way.

Pia Glacier
Situated in a secluded area of Chilean Patagonia, the Pia Glacier is a sight to behold while cruising through the Beagle Channel. Visitors can embark on a close up visit to marvel at its enormity aboard zodiac boats.

Visit an Estancia
Wine, horses and traditional barbeques – what’s not to love? On a vacation to Patagonia, visitors can travel to a remote estancia (farm) to experience country life at its best! This is a great option for those wanting to invest in sustainable travel.

Los Glaciares National Park
This stunning national park includes some of the greatest glaciers in Patagonia, including Perito Moreno – a 30km long river of ice that ‘calves’ impressively at its face and is considered by many the most impressive and accessible glacier found outside of the polar regions.


The best time to visit Patagonia is in the summer months between November and April when the weather is mild. This also ties in with the Antarctic cruise season making the two destinations a perfect combination.

“Patagonia, how fabulous!” This was the most common response when I mentioned my recent travels to this area. The second response then followed … “Where exactly is it again?”

Patagonia lies on the Southern end of South America – mainly in Chile but sharing a border with Argentina. It is a starkly beautiful and wild territory with prominent glaciers, mountains, fjords and rivers. The area is a delight for gastronomes, nature seeking souls, adventurers and photographers alike.

Northern Patagonia showcases Chiloe Island, lakes, dramatic volcanoes and little towns such as Frutillar, their Germanic heritage reflected in the architecture and food.  Delectable Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte, locally produced salmon and cheese and steaming seafood pots ensure an eating experience every bit as good as the landscape.

Further south awe-inspiring scenery created by the wild forces of nature found around Torres del Paine will leave you breathless. National Parks such as Los Glaciares and Tierra del Fuego and glaciers such as Perito Moreno that are constantly calving as ice collapses into the lake are reminiscent of New Zealand…but on steroids!

The Singular Patagonia is the most WOW hotel I have ever experienced. Driving into what looked like a white barn, it was obvious on arrival at the glassed off reception area that this was no ordinary hotel. A renovated cool-store, the wows kept coming. Drinks and truffles ensued, then imagine being shown onto a funicular to get down to the accommodation and real reception area. The next wow came with the room with floor to ceiling windows looking out onto the lake and mountains (oh, and of course whilst walking past the lit up machinery on the way). Next stop the bar and lounge – wow yet again at the décor, stylish and modern while taking full advantage of the history of its surroundings.  And then the food and wine – fresh crab, salmon, ceviche, Pisco Sours and Malbec. A little bit of heaven on earth.

All inclusive activities at The Singular vary from hiking to watching condors soaring, horse riding and visiting Estancias, boat trips on the lake, full day excursions into the National Park and kayaking  – although always subject to the weather conditions which are notoriously changeable.

A four night expedition style Australis Cruise from Punta Arena to Ushuaia was a brilliant way to really get out and truly appreciate the more inaccessible surroundings. Stella Australis with its 100 cabins was just a nice size and very comfortable.  Each day we were out and about on zodiacs for excursions to go penguin watching, hiking up to viewpoints over bays and walking right up to the beautiful Aguila Glacier – truly magnificently beautiful.  Regaled by excellent varieties of food and matching wines at each meal, I didn’t want it to end!

The cruise highlight was being able to disembark at Cape Horn – the very southernmost point of South America. We were even greeted by a light shower of snowflakes whilst taking photos by the lighthouse and the remainder of the sign that had somehow not been blown away by the 180km winds.

Judith Wesley, Sales Manager

  • The number of penguins residing here is nearly equal to the number of people
  • Patagonia has wild horses that roam free in the mountains
  • It’s the home of Argentinian gaucho
  • Patagonia means “Land of the Big Feet”
  • You’ll find some of the world’s best whale watching spots here
  • It’s a gateway to Antarctic expeditions
  • The second longest living species on earth lives here – the Alerces Tree
  • Patagonia has its very own community of Welsh residents
  • The largest dinosaur on record is from Patagonia


Notes *Please be aware that Health information is subject to change at any time and you should always double check these requirements at the time of booking and before travel.

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Australis Cruising in Patagonia

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