I am very pleased that I left the Phinda side trip to last. As for Phinda itself, wow, you were correct in what you said. I am really pleased I was at Forest Lodge and if money was no object I would definitely return. I had a great ranger/driver for the duration and although there are no guarantees for animal sightings the region did not disappoint. He even said that I had quite an exceptional time of viewings – maybe they say that to all but I think he was genuine. Easier to say what I didn’t see – sadly no Black Rhino and only a Leopard Cub in the darkness of the night, so although they thought that was special (and it was) I would have loved to have seen an adult Leopard. There are no African Wild Dogs on Phinda specifically, although they can be seen from time to time if they breach the fence but I didn’t see any this trip, not even in Kruger. Apart from the ‘luxury’ of Phinda – as in the wonderful accommodation, food and service – Phinda delivered a more “authentic African wildlife experience” for me and that is what I was really hoping for. It was really quite perfect in that regard, so from my perspective you could book it for clients with confidence.