We met our safari driver and guide and away we went… to Ashnil Samburu Camp Buffalo Springs Game Reserve. Very good communication along the way! On arrival at the Park, we went immediately into our game drive – spotting animals and birds became the focus. Nature treated us well and we arrived at about 5.30, checked in and were ushered to our fixed tented accommodation, very nice. Open air under cover silver service with, oh my word, every choice available, we were walked to bed and were serenaded to sleep by the hippos! A 6.30 am start and a full day game drive. Once again nature treated us well. Highlights being Cheetah mum and 18 month old cub and a leopard resting out along a limb, along with mum elephant and a suckling calf, WOW! Next morning off to Samburu National Reserve! Luckily on the way 2 lionesses with a cub treated us. On the way we met the Samburu people at their village. So friendly, the children were amazing and recited the alphabet and counted to 10 for us. Travelling to Serena Mountain Lodge we criss crossed the equator many times, no bump as we went over it! On the road again to Serena Mountain Lodge and night viewing. Mt Kenya was behind us and we were 2134 metres above sea level. It’s marvellous seeing the people as we’re driving, village life, massive greenhouses growing roses and carnations for export. On cloud 9, truly didn’t expect to see so many animals. Lake Nakuru is a salt water lake 45 square kilometres. Lunched at Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge, sumptuous and choices galore! The birdsong was deafening and bird life amazing. To see so many animals roaming together with the flamingo in the background, breathtaking!

Just a short drive to Enashipai, we have had amazing accommodation to date, this blew us away! Another fantastic silver service meal with a great sleep to follow. On the road again to the Masai Mara, within seconds of entering the park animals and birds abound. We stayed at Basecamp Masai Mara, another fixed tented accommodation. When President Obama was a Senator, his family stayed there and planted a tree each. If we needed to go out at night we shone our torch and a Maasai Warrior came and escorted us. An absolute cacophony of animal sounds for our night and day break chorus. If your guests are able to, pay for and enjoy the hot air balloon ride over the Mara, breathtakingly peaceful just floating along, and a champagne silver service breakfast to boot! Fantastic. We walked down to the lakes edge where the hippos are grazing and we had a boat ride on the lake, another excellent day.

Well to date we have been blown away with what we’ve seen and now how can we contain ourselves the magical Amboseli, with to me the magical Mt Kilimanjaro by us, out of this world. Game drives through the two swamps and the Amboseli Maasai Mara people and the children, how they smile (wish our kids would do the same. With the help of my family friends and clients we’ve donated 100 kilograms of stationery and clothes to these people). To see the children when we visited the school and their eyes alight singing to us, tears streaming down my face, gut wrenching, and to see their smiles with their eyes lighting up, wow so humbled. Next….wow, the elephants of Amboseli under Mt Kilimanjaro, magical!

We leave Amboseli, Arusha here we come, the town clock is the centre of Africa, Cairo in the North, Cape Town in the South, Dar es Salaam in the East and Accra Ghana in the West! And yes more silver service and food mind blowing for choice, don’t travel with World Journeys to lose weight! Off to Lake Manyara, we stayed in Karatu, Acacia Farm Lodge, fantastic sunset greeted us and of course luxury accommodation and silver service for our food! In the morning we drove to the Serengeti, game driving along the way and stopping to lookout at the Ngorongoro Crater all shrouded in mist. Along the route we saw amazing, infinite scenery again, the vastness unbelievable, and the Maasai people along with the young lads who had had their initiation into warrior hood. Made it to Kati Kati Tented Camp, awesome. All of our accommodation has been fantastic, tonight’s at the Oldeani Mountain Lodge wow, wow, wow outstanding. Our fantastic Safari is over… so many memories.