We had a small private group of 10 people and Joe was an amazing guide for our group. He was attentive, he took the time to get to know everybody including their interests and specifically topics that he knew they would like to learn about. His knowledge was outstanding including world history not just Cuban and political but everybody found him so interesting, it was very refreshing having someone who could hold the interest among all of the varying ages of the group. All of the group appreciated everything he did for us and went out of his way to make sure everybody enjoyed their time in Cuba, we were really impressed and Cuba has left a lasting impression for us all!

All of the restaurants and dining experiences we had on the trip were amazing it was fantastic to visit locally run off the beaten track restaurants that we otherwise wouldn’t have known about. Our first lunch on our city tour was the private dining on the roof top and that was outstanding, the food amazing but dining outside in the shade with a breeze was awesome we were all really impressed and it started our week of perfectly. Along the rest of our journey all of our meals were amazing.

Our tour content was perfect for the time we had. We had a mix of personalities and interests in the group so matching it to everybody isn’t easy but everybody enjoyed their time and loved the activities.