I am a 42 year old woman and was travelling with my 46 year old husband as well as our 77 year old dear friend. Being independent travellers, we had never been on a tour, but thought it would be a compromise, with our elderly friend, not to have to worry about travel, accommodation, or even water during the day.

Our driver Ahmed was precise, careful and kind. He went out of his way to accommodate us, supplying us with battery packs for our mobile phones and getting orange fizzy drinks for my friend.

Our Turkish guide Kemal was such a gem, keeping us in front of all of the tour groups and standing in line for us while we were busy looking at other things. He had a lovely outlook on life, was passionate about Turkish history and made our trip knowledgeable, enjoyable and fun. I loved every moment I spent with him and will never forget his gorgeous smile.

But my biggest thank you is for giving us Christie. A down to earth kiwi chick who rocked the Turkish language and related to everybody.
Christie has a beautiful knack of balancing professionalism with compassion and fun which created a safety net around our whole group.
I genuinely admire Christie. She held a group with ages ranging from 20-81 and everyone felt heard, and safe, and cared for. She spoke on our behalf, stayed up late, woke up early, ran errands, wrote emails, made phone calls, suggested new foods, taught us new words, haggled in the markets on our behalf. Christie made little comments to each of us that let us know she cared for us individually, Every question I had was answered, every item on my wish list was ticked.

All three of these people worked well together and made for a wonderful trip away. This once in a lifetime experience for me was so much more than I expected, and I have come home a better person because of the journey. Please pass on my thanks to your guides and driver. They nailed it. And whoever organised the tour. The accommodation was perfect, food was perfect, even the weather!