We had an amazing time in Africa! Very keen to go back and see more now! &Beyond were just amazing – the food, the people, the guides – all just fantastic! The lodges were just beautiful – our fav for the rooms was Bateleur Camp – loved the feel that you were partly in a tent!! Met a Warthog on the path one morning, so we stood eyeballing each other for a few seconds, then we slowly backed back, and he took off into the bushes – but still watched as we went past him!! We saw all the big five on our first day in the Maasi Mara – very unheard of apparently. They kept telling us how lucky we were! We thought it can’t get any better the next day, but it did! We saw three elusive black rhino as well!

Kleins is an amazing location, and having their own area to drive around is fantastic. We got very close to a leopard over the 3 days, several times, and also within a few metres of both big males, females and lion cubs. Just memories to treasure forever!

The Crater accom is pretty unique – looks like it has been designed by a mad architect, and could actually star in a Hobbit Movie!! It was very nice in its own way. We all felt that after being so close to all the other animals in the other camps, this was disappointing for animal viewing (we had been very spoilt), but had we done the trip in reverse, we would have loved it I am sure. In saying that the fact that you are down inside a huge crater is very cool though.